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Beyond IT Support Services: Your FREE In-Depth SMB Cybersecurity Guide

Only 14% of SMBs are prepared to defend their company from cyber attacks—is yours? It’s time to ensure that your organization stays one step ahead of cyber threats. Simply fill out the form to receive your free guide and start your journey toward a more secure, safe, and successful business.

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Why You Need This Guide

Every day, cybercriminals are working hard to develop new methods to target businesses just like yours. With 43% Of Cyber Attacks in the U.S. being targeted at SMBs, staying informed and prepared when it comes to defending your organization's valuable data and resources has never been more important, especially in today’s digital-first world.

Our free guide is designed to provide you with indispensable information and practical steps that can significantly enhance your company’s cyber security posture. By understanding the latest cybercrime trends and tactics, you can better protect your business and mitigate potential threats more effectively.

What’s Inside: 100+ Pages & 12 Chapters of the Latest SMB Cybersecurity Trends, Guidelines, and Insights

As a trusted authority in IT support services and a leading managed IT services company, the team at IT Pros Management developed this in-depth guide to help you shield your organization from today’s hyper-evolved cyber threats.

This is far more than just cybersecurity tips for small businesses—with over 100 pages of actionable insights, lessons learned, and real-world guidance for SMB cybersecurity, this essential handbook will empower you to take charge of your business' digital security and protect what matters most. Below is just a sample of what you’ll discover in our cybersecurity guide.

Why Ignoring Cybercrime Today is a Grave Mistake (Chapter 2)

The global cost of cybercrime in 2022 was over $8 trillion, and that number is projected to exceed $13 trillion by 2023. Explore the alarming statistics of cybercrime, its history, and future industry projections.

Uncover Why Your Business is a Prime Target for Cybercriminals (Chapter 4)

61% of SMBs experienced a cyber attack in 2021. From financial loss to damage to your brand’s reputation, your business has a lot at stake in the digital world. Learn about the reasons why cybercriminals target businesses like yours, the potential impact of falling victim to their attacks, and how to equip yourself with the knowledge and tools to thwart cybercriminals from succeeding.

Master the Art of Identity Theft Prevention (Chapter 8)

Over the past two decades, identity theft has increased by over 580%. In Chapter 8, you’ll learn how to protect your organization, your employees, and yourself from the harmful impact of identity theft. 

Ensure a Secure Remote Work Environment (Chapter 9)

With the era of work-from-home (WFH) upon us, it's now a requirement to address the distinct security challenges it presents. We cover the truth behind common misconceptions about the cyber risks of remote work and give a rundown of practical guidance on maintaining a secure WFH environment for your team.

Evaluate the Effectiveness of Your Current IT Company (Chapter 11)

Is your current IT services company delivering the level of service and security your organization needs? Our guide will teach you how to assess their performance, determine whether they are the best fit for your business needs, and the best qualities to look for in an IT security service provider. Obtain peace of mind with an IT partner that is committed to keeping your data protected and your business thriving.

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